Sensory Sensitive Halloween Fun!

Halloween Tips for Families with a Child with Autism

Halloween can be a lot of fun, but it can also be rather overwhelming. There are unique sounds, smells, costumes, decorations, and expectations that go along with Halloween that are not like any other day of the year. For a person who struggles with a change in routine, or gets overwhelmed by too much sensory input, Halloween may be a tough day. Preparing a child for this unique holiday takes a little bit of preparation, but will enhance their ability to join in the fun with their siblings and peers. At Hands, we are here to support you with these preparations.

This Halloween, Hands is hosting Sensory Sensitive Halloween Events across Northern Ontario to give children with autism an opportunity to practice Trick-or-Treating and other activities associated with Halloween in a safe, inclusive environment. These free events will take place on Saturday, October 26, 2019 in Bracebridge, North Bay, and Timmins.

We have all heard the expression “practice makes perfect”. This is an event for children to practice the unique expectations of Halloween: approaching unknown doors; knocking and waiting for someone to answer; requesting a treat by saying “trick of treat”; using thank-you’s; and, moving on to the next door. There will be “haunted houses” with items and rooms to explore, as well as pumpkin decorating, craft activities, refreshments, and a Halloween Movie. Take this opportunity to explore these stations with your child and enjoy the fun of Halloween with them.

Talk to your child about the things they are seeing, hearing and experiencing. Ensure they understand that it is all pretend and all for fun. Tell them what the expectations will be for Halloween. These conversations, along with practice, will ensure they feel a part of the festivities on Halloween night.

For more information about ways to help prepare your child for Halloween night, ask one of our staff at your closest Halloween Event this Saturday! Our view Hands’ online Halloween Tips!

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