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(February 10, 2021) Hands TheFamilyHelpNetwork is working to encourage healthy family activities for Family Day 2021 with a Family Day Photo Contest, and you can win a $25 gift card.

To enter, simply upload a photo of your favorite family activity to the Hands Facebook page and use the hashtag #HandsFamilyPhotos. You’ll also need to answer this skill testing question: 3+3=? All correct entries will be entered into a draw for a $25 gift certificate. The contest is open now.

The contest is open to everyone, and families can have multiple entries. The deadline for submissions is 11:59 pm on February 15, 2021.

The prize draw will take place on Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at noon, and the winner will be announced on Hands’ Facebook Page.

“We are very excited to help celebrate Family Day.  The pandemic has been hard on everyone, but it is important to remember that there are so many fun and healthy activities that families can do together,” said Angie Nethercott, Senior Behavior Consultant and contest co-organizer.  “Spend some time as a family and snap a photo. Go for a walk, build a snowperson or a snow fort, bake cookies, play a board game, make frozen decorations to hang in a tree; there are lots of opportunities to share fun together as a family.”

Hands reserves the right to remove and disqualify any photo it deems inappropriate to the spirit of the contest.

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