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Halloween Tips for Families with a Child with Autism

Halloween can be a fun time for children and their families, but it can also come with some challenging moments. Ensuring an enjoyable Halloween with your child may require some advanced planning.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be sharing ideas and suggestions to help you and your child prepare for this SPOOKY holiday. Also, look for information on Hands’ upcoming Halloween celebrations!

Halloween Tip #1 – Offer Choices

Offering your child choices gives them a sense of control and predictability. It can also help to sooth an anxious child. As parents, you control what choices to offer. In preparing for Halloween, what choices can you offer your child?

Halloween Tip #2 – Social Narratives

Social Narratives describe the social expectations for a situation, and can be a great way to help introduce ‘Halloween first-timers’ to the unique traditions of the holiday. Social Narratives can also teach your child how to try new things so your family may experience a better Halloween this year.

Halloween Tip #3 – Use Visuals

Many children can benefit from using visuals, such as photos, graphics or text. There are lots of visual ways to help prepare your child for Halloween. Use visuals on your calendar, on your daily schedule or when you have to break an activity into smaller steps.

Remember to use visuals at your child’s level of understanding and avoid using visuals that are too immature for your child.