Specialized Developmental Services for Adults


Specialized Developmental Services for Adults offers access to a team of skilled professionals who will work with you to identify and direct your clinical service needs to the most suitable services and treatment plan. Our comprehensive assessment and service planning approach creates an experience that respects your individual needs and/or complexities in an inclusive and collaborative way.

Developmental Support Services

Developmental Support Services can help by providing:

  • Clinical assessments and treatment
  • Collaborative planning to help identify clinical treatment needs and goals
  • Strategies and resources to help achieve clinical goals through learning new skills, including individual or group intervention options
  • Support through the assessment process and behaviour support planning to change behaviours that may be a health or safety risk and interfere with daily living and community involvement
  • ‘Hands-on’ training/coaching to support the learning of skills and/or implementation of planned treatment strategies
  • Support in identifying and applying ways to evaluate progress toward achieving goals
  • Caregiver, family, and mediator training and education regarding disabilities and developmental needs
  • Resource sharing, including literature and other learning materials

Adult Regional Clinical Resources

North Community Network of Specialized Care Clinical

The North Community Network of Specialized Care (NCNSC) Clinical Team are professionals with expertise in specific areas of clinical disciplines who are experienced in working with adults with developmental disabilities.  The clinicians work with other clinical providers and community partners to form a network of specialized services and supports covering all of Northern Ontario. As a network, service partners work together to enhance the quality of lives of adults with a developmental disability.

How We Can Help

Assessment, consultation and treatment services are available across Ontario’s North Region. Videoconferencing is utilized throughout the region to provide more access to the clinical services offered.

  • Local clinical and developmental service partners within the network can access specialized clinical supports for adults living in rural and remote communities across Northern Ontario.
  • These services complement the local specialized clinical team with additional professional resources, such as:
    • Psychology services
    • Behaviour services
    • Speech/language services
    • Occupational therapy services
    • Support to access other clinical service needs that may not be available in the community

Referrals to the North Community Network of Specialized Care Clinical are made through local specialized clinical teams.

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