Children and Youth

Child Development

Developmental Services for Children

Developmental Services for Children is a specialized behaviour service for children and youth with a developmental disability, aged 0-18 years.  Our goal is to work collaboratively with parents, children and youth, and community support teams to understand and reduce challenging behaviours while also developing skills and implementing strategies to ensure success.

Developmental Services for Children involves:

  • Working with the child/youth and family to choose a specific behaviour or skill of concern.
  • Using the principles of Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) for assessment and intervention.
  • An individualized behaviour intervention plan.
  • Helping the child/youth learn new skills.
  • Helping caregivers learn new ways to support positive behaviour.
  • Monitoring and evaluating behaviour outcomes to determine success.
  • Supporting behaviour change where it is most important to the child/youth and family. Services may be delivered in the home, school or community setting as determined by the child/youth, family and service team.
  • Parent education and group trainings focused on topics related to children with developmental delays and behaviour.

Infant and Child Development

Infant and Child Development Services provide direct, individualized screening, assessment and interventions to identify and support developmental progress.

This program educates and coaches parents about how best to support and interact with their child in developmentally supportive ways.  A variety of assessment tools and intervention approaches are used to ensure children and families are informed, supported and connected to services.

Great Beginnings Prenatal Nutrition

The Great Beginnings Prenatal Nutrition Program offers a place where women who are pregnant or have a baby under 6 months of age can learn about pregnancy, baby care and healthy eating. It also provides:

  • A place to play and interact with your babies;
  • Weekly workshops on interesting topics relating to pregnancy and baby care;
  • Information and referral for community resources;
  • Regular attendance by a Public Health Nurse for consultation, support and education;
  • Regular visits from community professionals, including registered dietitians;
  • Parents with an opportunity to meet and share with other parents;
  • Transportation support if needed;
  • Free healthy food to take home each week; and,
  • Healthy snack each week in program.

Registration information for Great Beginnings Prenatal Nutrition.

Great Beginnings Growing Up

The Great Beginnings Growing Up Program provides: 

  • A place for parents to share in the play experience with your child;
  • Weekly workshops on interesting topics relating to parenting and child development;
  • Information and referral for community resources;
  • Regular visits from community professionals;
  • Opportunities for parents to meet and share with other parents;
  • Transportation support if needed; and,
  • A free healthy snack each week.