Children and Youth

Justice Services

Intensive Support and Supervision Program

The Intensive Support and Supervision Program (ISSP) is provided by Hands in collaboration with Probation Services, North Bay. The Program is designed to help meet the needs of youth (12-17) in conflict with the law who have been diagnosed with a serious mental health issue or developmental delay or both. It is a clinically focused, community-based treatment program designed to provide the youth justice system with an effective alternative to custody. Intensive Support and Supervision Program is offered in North Bay.

Supervised Access Program

When parents separate, access visits with children may be a problem. Sometimes, difficulties arise at the time of exchange between parents, or between the parent and a relative. Other times, there may be concerns about the visits themselves. 

Hands’ Supervised Access for East and West Parry Sound provides a setting where visits and exchanges can take place under the supervision of trained staff and volunteers. 

The Supervised Access Program is funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Youth Justice Committee

The Youth Justice Committee Program in Parry Sound offers an alternative to the traditional court system. Based on restorative justice principles, the Youth Justice Committee brings together trained community members who meet with persons harmed, the young person(s) who caused the harm, and their families to negotiate an appropriate way for the young person to make amends for his/her actions. 

The Youth Justice Committee provides an opportunity for those harmed by a young person and their community to deal with minor, non-violent offences committed by young persons between the ages of 12 to 17 years who are willing to take responsibility for their actions.  

Referrals for the Youth Justice Committee Program are made through the Ontario Provincial Police or the Crown’s office, and processed by the Youth Justice Worker. This program is funded by the Ministry of the Attorney General.

Youth Mental Health Court Worker Program

The Youth Mental Health Court Worker Program (YMHCW) provides support and services to the Youth Justice Court for youth aged 12-17 with mental health, developmental needs or an acquired brain injury (ABI). The program is available to youth living in Muskoka and Parry Sound Districts. 

The purpose of the program is to identify the mental health needs of youth involved in the Criminal Justice System and divert these youth into the mental health system. Youth are linked to appropriate services and resources in the community to address individual needs.