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Child and Youth Advocacy Centre of Nipissing

The Child and Youth Advocacy Centre (CYAC) of Nipissing provides a safe, child-friendly space for children and youth who are victims of abuse. A dedicated team of trained professionals has been carefully selected to help reduce the trauma of disclosure and help reduce the stress of dealing with the justice system. The CYAC is a collaborative effort with many community partners working together to support children, youth and families.

The CYAC supports the following goals:

  • Provide a physically and psychologically safe, child-focused environment for children, youth and non-offending caregivers to be interviewed
  • Reduce the number of interviews a child/youth has to endure
  • Provide service, or access to service from a single point of entry, reducing potential for gaps in service
  • Provide individualized support and referrals to accommodate a child/youth’s specific needs

The Child and Youth Advocacy Centre receives referrals directly from the police or a child welfare agency.

Coordinated Service Planning

Coordinated Service Planning is available at a community level and provides system capacity for child/youth centered, family focused service planning requiring inter-agency and cross-sectoral collaboration.

The outcome of coordinated service planning for a child/youth and the family/caregiver will be an integrated service plan with identified, measurable goals, and services and supports that are joined up effectively to address identified needs in support of goal achievement. The integrated service plan is agreed to by the child/youth (where appropriate), family/caregiver and participating agencies, and its implementation is a shared responsibility.

The Service Planning Coordinator provides systems level coordination and support to complex special needs children and their families in those situations where, because of the number of services involved and/or the level of support needed and/or the complexity of the situation, additional service coordination is required.

If you are in need of Coordinated Service Planning, please visit our Resources page and complete the Coordinated Service Planning Referral Form. Completed forms should be directed to One Kids Place.

Tele-Mental Health

Ontario’s Tele-Mental Health Service provides children and youth in rural, remote and underserved communities with access to specialized mental health consultations through videoconferencing. It connects children and youth, who are already receiving mental health services, to a specialist who can help them.

Hands is one of six Tele-Mental Health Service coordination agencies supporting access for community service providers.

Access Tele-Mental Health forms.

Youth In Transition

The Youth In Transition program helps youth ensure a successful transition out of the child welfare system into adulthood. Youth In Transition help young adults develop and pursue their goals and will support them to identify, access and navigate the adult service system.

The Youth In Transition worker will help connect the youth to existing supports and resources within their communities including: housing supports, education resources, employment services and training, life skills training (e.g.: financial management, household management), health and mental health services, and legal services.