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In May 2021, you will be asked to participate in the Ontario Perception of Care (OPOC) questionnaire.

We Value Your Feedback or Your Voice Matters.

We appreciate hearing from you about the counselling and therapy services you have received with us.

The information you provide will be anonymous, confidential and is part of a province-wide collection designed to help enhance mental health and addiction services. Your name or any personal identification in relation to your loved one receiving treatment will not be included anywhere in the questionnaire or linked to your responses. All responses are securely stored on password protected computers.

Our staff is committed to maintaining your confidentiality and ensuring that all information collected remains anonymous.

The questionnaire will be available from May 3-21, 2021. It will take 10 minutes and can be completed electronically. Your participation is voluntary. Assistance will be available if needed.

Please expect a call from our agency in the next few weeks to complete the OPOC questionnaire.

Learn more about the OPOC questionnaire.