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Date Wednesdays, June 5 to July 3, 2024
Time 10:30 am
Location OnlineType Group Learning
Ages 18+ and eligible for adult developmental services

This group uses the CIRCLES framework to help you map out the different types of relationships you have.  You will then learn social communication skills that you can apply to each type of relationship, and will practice your new skills within a group of peers with similar goals.

Learning Goals: 

  • To identify different types of relationships and a map on the CIRCLES framework
  • To practice conversational skills to help with building friendships/relationships
  • To improve awareness of non-verbal communication signals


This group meets weekly for a total of 5 sessions. Participation in all sessions is important to achieve the learning goals.

  • Wednesdays, June 5 to July 3, 2024

Duration: 1.5 hours

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