2019/20 Year-end Passport Claim Processing Times and Year-end Submission Date


Claims for the 2019-20 budget year (April 1, 2019 to March 31, 2020) should be submitted by April 13th, 2020 in order to avoid additional delays in processing and payment. Claims submitted after this date may be subject to additional processing times for error and omission-free claims.

  • Please be advised that the Passport program has entered the year-end peak claims processing period. This means that claims submitted for reimbursement are now subject to longer processing times due to the very high volume of claim submissions.
  • At peak times, error and omission-free claims can take a minimum of ten to fifteen business days to be processed. Claims that are missing information or contain errors may require follow up and therefore will take longer.
  • Though efforts are being made to process claims as quickly as possible, claim processing times will be determined based on the volume of claims submitted.
  • Due to the automation associated with claims submitted by e-filing through MyDirectPlan (MDP), claims that are e-filed will continue to be processed within 2-3 business days. Claims submitted through MDP that contain errors or missing information will take longer to process.
  • If you would like to e-file your Passport claim, you can sign up with MDP for free at
  • Processing times are expected to return to normal in June 2020.

Claim Submission Tips

  • Make sure that you use your customized Passport claim form with your unique barcode when you submit your claim. If you need more copies of your customized form, please contact us at 1-800-668-8555 ext. 5550 or email:
  • Make sure that you have filled out your claim fully and check for errors before submitting it for reimbursement. Incomplete claims and those with errors will take longer to process and may require your local PA to follow up with you for missing information, which will further delay your payment.
  • Submit Passport claims on a regular basis (monthly) throughout the year. Large, more complex claims take longer to process and can result in a delayed payment.