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What are Navigation Supports?

Navigation supports help you find and connect to the right service within Hands, or to another specialized service in the community. We are here to help you find the best supports to meet your needs.

What services can I access?

Each service is different and has a different way to get in touch. You can find that information in the descriptions below.

Navigation Supports

Coordinated Service Planning

This is an Ontario Government initiative to help children and youth with multiple, complex special needs and their families. Coordinated Service Planning helps meet your family’s needs by:

  • Connecting you to the services your child/youth needs
  • Bringing together the group of professionals on your child and family’s team to coordinate services
  • Helping the team work together towards your family’s vision for your child/youth

Hands supports Coordinated Service Planning in the Districts of Muskoka, Nipissing and Parry Sound. Learn more about Coordinated Service Planning by visiting the Coordinated Service Planning website.

Get started with Coordinated Service Planning by filling out the self-referral form or contact us for more information.

Navigation Supports

Tele-Mental Health Services

This service supports children and youth in rural, remote, and underserved communities to access psychiatric consultations through video-conference.

Hands is one of six Tele-Mental Health Service Coordination Agencies in Ontario. We connect children and youth with specialists from Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO), Vanier Children’s Mental Wellness, and SickKids hospitals.

Service providers can access our referral form or contact us for more information.