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I think I feel safe knowing I have someone who is there to talk to and vent to about everything. When I was 14 I was struggling with my family and they’ve just always been a big support for me. I’ve went through treatments and everything through Hands and I came out and I was able to socialize and talk to my mom. And I know if I need something it’s everybody. Like it’s like it’s not that I only feel like I have my one counsellor but I feel like I have other people too. It’s rewarding I think to watch things improve for families. You know we watch these service teams come together and support them, and creatively approach situations instead of you know more of a siloed approach, um and then coming out with these amazing plans for families. The transformation is incredible. He went from being completely non-verbal and very frustrated because he couldn’t communicate and now he’s so much more loving with us and in general the public and he’s so much more understanding. The fact that we can fully communicate now he has a regular day-to-day schedule and the stress has gone from like a 10 to a 2. Which is great! It’s always nice to find out that somebody’s life has been enhanced or somebody’s life has been made better just because of something that you did. In remote communities often times they won’t have access to the same specialized services, so with the videoconferencing we’re able to access all of those small communities that probably wouldn’t even be aware of our service had we not had that possibility with the technology.

Les service de mains sont tres accessible a travers le nord de l’ontario pour une grand variete de service, des services qui sont offert en anglais et en francais pour que sa sois pour le niveau de la sante mental jeuness et des service pour adulte et un preffesionel qui est tres flexible qui peu rencontrer les gens, oui dans nos bureau et chez tous ces partenaire.

We work from Parry Sound and the Muskokas all the way up to the James Bay coast. We really try and develop our identity in these communities, so that people know who we are and they can come and seek help. What I like to think Hands is for families is a one-stop shop. Whether it’s support for their little one, up to support for an adult who may have a Developmental Disability. And if we’re not the right agency that perhaps we can help link them. They kind of take your hand and just really let you know that it’s gonna be okay. So we felt very supported and they’re great with your children and it’s just a wonderful place to know your child is safe and being taken care of. We have a relationship with Hands registering people with Autism so that in the event that they wandered or were in a situation where we needed to assist the family in finding them, then we had information right at our fingertips. And the great news about that is that it has actually expanded to other communities and our service was contacted by other police services across Ontario to create the same situation that was started here with Hands. The culture here at Hands really supports growth and it really does improve the all-around quality that a client can get so the better I am, the better I can be for my clients. It all comes together as this is for the best of the family. So we’re here for families. We’re here for children. We’re here for you.